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Our company can provide all kinds of saplings or can provide inspection services for saplings to be grown in the name of farmer or investor. There are important criteria while selecting adequtae sapling and these criteria can only be determined by  people or institutions who are specialized in this area. The  criteria to which we are very sensitive:

- Conditions under which saplings are grown

- How healthy the nursery is

- Development of saplings

- Certification of saplings

- Rootstock and variety selection

- Rootstock and variety compatibility

- Relations between rootstock, variety and expected yield

- Obtainable yield

- Bacterial and viral disease-free saplings

- Relations between saplings and soil types

- Relations among rootstock, variety, blossom and frost

Saplings are especially very important while establishing a fruit orchard. If some problems regarding saplings exist before planting process, such problems can not be identified instantly during planting process. Such problems usually become visible or identifiable 2 or 3 years after planting process. Late identification may result in huge operational costs. For that reason, it is important to get help from a professional consultant company in terms of selecting the appropriate sapling, which requires a totally technical approach.


Specific conditions prevailing during planting process of saplings and plant nutrition & protection operations after planting process are also very important. In this context, our company is able to set up required organizations and design necessary services the necessary organizations .  In case of supplying saplings directly, we may also help you by providing a sound control service in order to determine whether or not the supplier has delivered healthy saplings to your firm.