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It is known as KOSGEB with the abbreviation which is the Presidency of Development and Support Administration of Small and Medium Sized Industry. Established in 1990, it has been established in order to increase the impact of medium and small sized enterprises and the share of industry in order to meet social needs and economy. KOSGEB also serves to increase the competitiveness and levels of these enterprises. Another service is; To increase the level of competition of SMEs and to help them develop themselves in such areas as export, institutionalization and R & D. KOSGEB provides different supports to all entrepreneurs and candidates to ensure the widespread of entrepreneurship and the establishment of successful businesses.

KOSGEB`s support includes; Technological Product Promotion and Marketing Support Program, R & D, Innovation and Industrial Application Support Program, KOBİGEL - SME Development Support Program, Entrepreneurship Support Program, General Support Program, Business Association Power Association Support Program, Business Association Power Association Support Program, Thematic Project Support Program, SME Project Support Program.

Entrepreneurship Support Program

A) Applied Entrepreneurship Training

Applied Entrepreneurship Trainings, in accordance with the general objective of dissemination of entrepreneurship culture in the country and establishment of successful enterprises; Entrepreneurs should have knowledge and skills in business establishment and execution, to be aware of their own roles and responsibilities in this process and to gain knowledge and experience to prepare a business plan for their own business ideas.

Applied Entrepreneurship Trainings;

• Organized by KOSGEB units,

• Within the scope of national or international projects carried out by KOSGEB,

• Trainings organized by various institutions and organizations in cooperation with KOSGEB,

• Entrepreneurship courses given by universities within the scope of structured education. 

Applied Entrepreneurship Trainings are open and free trainings with a minimum attendance of 32 hours. 

B) New Entrepreneur Support

Who can benefit?

Entrepreneurs who have completed the Applied Entrepreneurship Training or who will take place in the İŞGEM can benefit from this support.

The entrepreneur must not have a person run for the same activity (according to the current 4-code NACE-Economic Activity Classification) within the last one (1) year as of the date of application. In addition, it is necessary for the Entrepreneur to have no more than 50% partnership in any establishment established in the status of a legal person.

The enterprise that the entrepreneur will engage in must be in the status of real or legal person defined in the Turkish Commercial Code.

In support of the initiative; Another company / institution / organization is not required to work under the provisions of SGK.

What are the Support Elements?








1st AND 2nd Regions


3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Regions


Business Foundation Support


No re-pay




Organization Period Machinery, Equipment, Office Hardware and Software Support




Female Entrepreneur, Veteran soldier, First Degree martyrs or Disabled entrepreneurs is applied at 80%.



Female Entrepreneur, Veteran soldier, First Degree martyrs or Disabled entrepreneurs is applied at 90%.

Business Expense Support


Total Non-Repayment Supports


Fixed Investment Support




KOBIGEL - SME Development Support Program


- In line with the national and international objectives of the country, small and medium-sized enterprises, increasing their share in the economy and their activities,

- Increasing the competitiveness of SMEs and the added value they provide, supporting the projects they will prepare. 

Supporting Features 

The support elements will be modified taking into account the feature of the Call for Proposals in particular.


Project Time


At least 6

Up to 36 Months

(+6) Month


Support Upper Limit

No Reimbursement Support - Up to 300.000 TL

 Refund Support - Up to  700.000 TL

Project Support Rate


Up to 60% in 1st and 2nd Regions

Up to 80% in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Regions


Loan Interest Support 

KOSGEB with Loan Interest Support programs; Financial support is provided in conditions suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises,

- increase production, quality and standards,

- the solution of financing problems,

- employment creation,

- ensuring that they compete on an international level. 

The financial support provided by KOSGEB since 2003 has been provided through three public banks until 2008 according to the Council of Ministers Decree and in May 2008, it has been resumed with the reorganization of the Council of Ministers, with public banks, private banks, participation banks The interest / profit share of the credits to be used for the SMEs with the Protocols made, Expenses are partially or completely covered according to the program type.